The purpose of the Louisville Seminary Alum Association is to promote community and collaboration within the Association itself and with Louisville Seminary.

The Association consists of all graduates of Louisville Seminary as well as those who have completed the equivalent of one year of academic study at Louisville Seminary.

They carry out their purpose through:
  • Strengthening the alum community and acting as a communication liaison between the Seminary and its alums and friends;
  • Building Community among alums, especially through the annual Alum Reunion other gatherings
  • Providing and encouraging financial support to LPTS;
  • Introducing prospective students to the Seminary; and
  • Recognizing outstanding members of the Association.
The Association meets once a year, typically during the Alum Reunion at the Alum Association Breakfast, where it affirms the election of new members of the Board of Directors and Officers.

Alum Board of Directors

Louisville Seminary is proud of its nearly 2,200 alums, 70% of whom are serving in active ministry throughout the world as pastors, counselors, administrators, teachers, and leaders in the church. All alums are considered members of the Alum Association.

Joanna Hipp
(MDiv '14)
(910) 691-7152

Vice President
Michael Erwin, Jr.
(MDiv '95)
(812) 250-1566

Marsha (Lynn) Mayes-Burton
(MDiv '14)
(502) 295-5454

Bruce Burns
(MDiv '08)

Eric Bryant
(MDiv/MAMFT '97)

Karol Ferris
(MDiv '14)

Shannon Meacham
(MDiv '05)

Lee Collins
(MDiv '14)

Terry Epling
(MDiv '95)

George Goodman
(MDiv '77)

Marisa Musto
(MAMFT '08)

Will Mullins
(MDiv '06)

Franklyn Schroeder
(MDiv '67)

Shawn Stinson
(MAMDT '10)

Judy Stubbs
(MDiv, MAMFT '97)

Craig Tuck
(MDiv '09)

Todd Williams
(MDiv '99)

Anne Vouga
(MDiv '08)

Polly Williams
(MDiv '97)

Daniel Van Beek
Student Body Representative (MDiv)


Andrea Stevens, JD

Director of Annual Giving and Alum Relations

Beth Henley

Institutional Advancement Manager