Named Lecture Series

Dr. Caldwell Preaching
Former President Frank H. Caldwell

The Caldwell Lectures honor former Louisville Seminary President Frank H. Caldwell who served from 1930 to 1964. Dr. Caldwell was Professor of Homiletics during his time at the seminary in addition to serving as President from 1936-1964. He also served as the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in the United States in 1966 after retiring from the seminary. In addition to the Caldwell Lectures a professorship in homiletics has been endowed in his name at the seminary.

Some of the Caldwell Lectures are available online:

2021Rev. Dr. Brad BraxtonTroubling Waters: Black Theology, Baptism, and Black Lives Matter
2019Rev. Edwin C. Sanders, IIWhosoever: Finding Holy Ground
2018Jennifer Beste (part 2)Fulfillment and Justice: A New Approach for Fostering Sexual Justice in Christian Communities (Part Two)
2018Jennifer Beste (part 1)Fulfillment and Justice: A New Approach for Fostering Sexual Justice in Christian Communities (Part One)
2017Marcia Mount ShoopLifting the Veil on Big-Time Sports
2017Marcia Mount ShoopTouchdowns for Jesus and Other Signs of Apocalypse
2015Miguel de la TorreA Theology of Hopelessness
2013Stephen ProtheroNo Common Path: From Interfaith 1.0 to Interfaith 2.0
2008Anna Carter FlorenceThe Testimony Edit: Writing Ourselves Back into the Story
2008Debra MumfordCounter-Cultural Preaching
2007Nicholas WolterstorffLiving with Grief
2007Nicholas WolterstorffUnderstanding Grief
Dr. George Edwards
George Edwards and his wife Jean

The Edwards Peacemaking Lectureship honors Dr. George Edwards and his wife, Jean. Dr. Edwards, an alum of Louisville Seminary (BD ‘51), also served the Seminary for 27 years as Professor of New Testament. Dr. Edwards died June 2, 2010. Together, Dr. and Mrs. Edwards shared a ministry that was active in Christian efforts for peace and social justice. Established in 1986, the Edwards Peacemaking Lectureship endowment supports a visiting lecturer to teach a special course or programs in continuing or lay education.

Some of the Edwards Lectures are available online:

2021Rev. Dr. Teresa L. Fry BrownThe Church of Allen: Tending Our Own Vine and Fig Tree
2021Bishop Othal Hawthorne LakeyThe Rise of Colored Methodism
2014Susan ThistlethwaiteA Just Peace Approach to Ending the Global War on Women
2012Dr. Suzanne HollandGive Me Children or I Shall Die: Technologies of Desire
2011Anant RambachanThe Resources and Challenges for Constructing a Hindu Theology of Liberation
2009Frances AdeneyThe New Mission Worker
2007Charles MarshThe Beloved Community: American Search, Christian Hope, Human Struggle
Dr. Theodore M. Greenhoe
Dr. Theodore M. Greenhoe Graduation

The Greenhoe Lectures were established in 1966 by Memorial Presbyterian Church in Midland, Michigan, in honor of their former pastor, Dr. Theodore M. Greenhoe. Dr. Greenhoe was a member of the Louisville Seminary class of 1934.

Some of the Greenhoe Lectures are available online:

2017Dr. John B. WhiteWho is Afraid of Sports? Play, Bodies, and Formation (Part Two)
2017Dr. John B. WhiteWho is Afraid of Sports? Play, Bodies, and Formation (Part One)
2015Wesley Granberg-MichaelsonNavigating the Changing Landscape of World Christianity
2013Steven ProtheroNo Common Creed: The American Bible from Thomas Jefferson to Barack Obama
2008Otis Moss IIIPreaching in the Post-Modern World
2008Cláudio CarvalhaesPreaching from the Borders: The Impossibility of Hospitality
2007Rev. Dr. Joretta L. MarshallFinitude and Unfinished Business
2007Rev. Dr. Joretta L. MarshallForgiveness and Beyond

The Henry H. and Marion A. Presler Lectureship was established to honor the couple’s missionary service and to inspire the Louisville Seminary community and its wider community about issues of global mission and the role of American denominations in their historical and present witness to mission. The topics of the lectures vary, but the overall theme is Jesus Christ’s commission to the church in Matthew 28:19-20, to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.” Dr. Henry Presler studied for two years at Louisville Seminary and then transferred to Boston University School of Theology. In his later years he remembered his formative time at Louisville Seminary and left a bequest for this lectureship.

Some of the Presler Lectures are available online:

2020Dr. Gerardo MartiWe Believe in God; We Believe in Trump: Religion, Power and the Quest to Restore a True America
2019The Rev. Najla KassabChristian Witness in the Middle East
2017Soong-Chan RahThe Necessity for Lament in a Changing World
2015Todd M. JohnsonOur Global Community: Embracing Common Identity with Christians and Humanity to Change the World
2014Amos YongDoors to Dialogue and Mission: Openings Afforded by the Holy Spirit in a World of Many Faiths
2013Dr. Shanta PremawardhanaGreed as Violence: The Role of the Global Church in Addressing the Enduring Spiritual Crisis of Our Time
2012Dr. Douglas HicksMoney, Mission, and Responses to Global Poverty
2011John ThatamanilThe Hospitality of Receiving: Rethinking Mission and Conversion in an Interreligious Age
2009Terry C. MuckA New Mission?
2007Carlos Cardozi-OrlandiMission Impossible? Faith at the Crossroads of People & Religions