Dual Degree

The church occasionally calls for individuals who are fully qualified and authorized to practice another profession in addition to the ordained ministry. For some students, a dual degree program, in which two degrees are earned, is both the solution to a vocational dilemma and a way to meet diverse needs in today’s society.

Dual Degrees with the University of Louisville

Students who choose to pursue one of three graduate degrees at the University of Louisville may transfer 24 hours of that work to the Louisville Seminary Master of Divinity degree when intending to complete a dual degree program. These University of Louisville degrees and the schools that offer them are:
• Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) from the Kent School of Social Work
• Juris Doctor (JD) from the Brandeis School of Law
• Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the School of Business and Public Administration

Students who want to pursue a dual degree must maintain a grade point average of B (3.0) in their Seminary courses. A college GPA of B is also required for admission. Admission to Louisville Seminary does not guarantee admission to any school at the University of Louisville. Such dual degree programs normally take four or five years to complete with two full-time years of theological study. Normally students will complete their two years at Louisville Seminary before matriculating to the University of Louisville. In the final year of study – whether away from the Seminary or not – students are expected to complete a summative, integrative project or coursework.

For more information on the length of program for each degree at the University of Louisville, those interested should contact the appropriate school.

Any Louisville Seminary free financial aid that a student receives is for coursework and expenses incurred at the Seminary only. Furthermore, when enrolled full-time at the University of Louisville, students would secure any federal financial aid through that institution’s financial aid office and, if applicable, would use enrollment there as the basis for deferment of any prior educational debt.

Dual Degrees at Louisville Seminary

Students may apply to and be accepted to more than one degree program at Louisville Seminary. The most common dual degree program at the Seminary combines the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy degree programs. MDiv-MAMFT degree program students should expect to complete 117 credit hours.

Students also complete the congregational field education requirements of the MDiv degree program and the clinical training requirements of the MAMFT degree program.

Students pursuing either the MDiv degree can also pursue the Master of Arts in Religion degree by completing additional credit hours to fulfill the requirements of one of that degree’s three courses of study. Those pursuing the MAMFT degree program can also pursue the Religious Thought track.

Students pursuing two Louisville Seminary degrees are eligible for all forms of Seminary financial aid available to one-degree students. Ordinarily students will receive tuition grants rather than scholarships.