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The Advanced Degrees Committee and the Office of Admissions consider your reference an important part of the application process. Your time and thoughtfulness in furnishing this information are greatly appreciated. In the best interest of the prospective student as well as the seminary, we urge you to make your comments both candid and substantive. They will be of value in judging the applicant’s qualifications for admission as well as in planning an educational program responsive to both professional and personal expectations.

1. How long, how closely, and in what contexts (local faith community or denominational relationships, educational relationship, or personal relationship) do you know the applicant?*

2. How would you evaluate the applicant's ability to engage in graduate/professional studies?*

3. How would you assess the applicant's strengths and limitations, usual ways of relating to others, leadership qualities, potential for church leadership in the future, and coping abilities under stress or conflict?*

4. How open and flexible is the applicant to different viewpoints and perspectives on religious, social and intellectual issues?*

5. (For denominational reference only) What is the applicant's formal status with your denomination or faith community?*

"I certify that the foregoing statements and ALL other information submitted by me in connection with this reference are true and correct." Please check your response below. Selecting YES will indicate that you DO certify your submitted reference.*

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