Academic Year: 2019-2020

Summer 2019

Course NumberCourse TitleInstructor(s)
DM 6462DMin Seminar II: Minister as Biblical InterpreterT. Tull/J. Ferguson

Academic Year: 2018-2019

Summer 2018

Course NumberCourse TitleInstructor(s)
OT 323-3Ethics of Violence in the Old TestamentT. Mayfield
TH 450-3JudaismN. Polzer

Fall 2018

Course NumberCourse TitleInstructor(s)
PC 222-3Abuse and TraumaA. Hicks White
OT 101-3Elements of Biblical HebrewJ. Reed
TF 113-3History of Christian Experience IIS. Patterson
TF 102-3Introduction to Theology and EthicsS. Craigo-Snell/A. Plantinga Pauw
EM 311-3Making Disciples: An Introduction to Ecumenical MissionC. Kirkpatrick
SM 110-1Reflection GroupsC. Cook/A. Plantinga Pauw/S. Williamson
OT 100-4Scripture IT. Mayfield
PC 304-3Theoretical Foundations of Family TherapyA. Hicks White

J-Term 2019

Course NumberCourse TitleInstructor(s)
EM 339-3Mission in Context: Cuba and the USAC. Kirkpatrick

Spring 2019

Course NumberCourse TitleInstructor(s)
CE 320-3Children's Literature in Life and FaithC. Cook/B. Wigger
TH 234CEvilS. Craigo-Snell
OT 202-3Exegesis of ExodusJ. Reed
PC 317-3Gender, Race, and Class: Engaging IntersectionalityA. Hicks White
TF 112-3History of Christian Experience IC. Elwood
OT 102-3Introduction to Old Testament ExegesisJ. Reed
ET 104-4Presbyterian Polity & HeritageS. Craigo-Snell/C. Kirkpatrick
PC 322-3Psychopathology and Pastoral DiagnosisL. Townsend
SM 110-2Reflection GroupsC. Cook/A. Plantinga Pauw/S. Williamson
PC 281-3Research in MFTA. Hicks White
TH 332-3Restorative JusticeS. Williamson
NT 100-3Scripture IIJ. Soyars
SM 201-3Senior SeminarD. Mumford/A. Plantinga Pauw
TH 262-3Theology of John CalvinC. Elwood
PW 101-3Worship, Community, and PedagogyM. Hong/B. Wigger